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Quality Services

individually tailored services suited to each client’s needs and issues to help achieve individual goals with real solutions.

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Individualized Care

Extensive experience assisting people in effectively addressing their concerns and reaching their highest potentials.

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Our expertise includes the provision of comprehensive diagnostic, assessment, therapeutic, and consultation services for adolescents and adults

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About Us

Learn more about Chrysalis Care Inc. and our wide range of counseling services available.

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Chrysalis Care Inc. / SPECIALITIES


Are you or a loved one searching for a way to overcome a difficult or crippling addiction that has taken hold of your life? Addiction counseling programs can help you overcome a serious drug problem, alcoholism or other devastating addiction, and help get your life back on track.
While there are several different types of addictions, all will have a slowly increasing effect on your mind, body, and emotions and will generally change the way you live your life. Addiction counseling usually focuses on your mental process and helps you understand how your addiction slowly and negatively changes your own personal outlook. The word “addiction” carries a heavy negative connotation and the counseling process will help patients understand how addiction to a substance or action will slowly envelop all aspects of life until everything revolves around the given addiction.


Anxiety is defined as nervousness, apprehension, and self-doubt that may or may not be associated with real-life stressors. Everyone experiences some level of anxiety periodically, but when feelings of dread and worry are unfocused, overwhelming, recurring, and not directly linked to stressful events, anxiety may leave a person severely impaired.


Has your career come to a standstill? Are you disillusioned, stalled or stuck? You can change that! Get Started Today Create a realistic plan. Get unstuck!


Coping skills are effective ways to manage unpleasant feelings (anger, sadness, and anxiety) and restlessness/hyperactivity. Essentially taking an active role in your healing is better than taking a passive role or avoiding the problem. Approach/tackle coping means learning about your condition, learning coping skills and seeking social support.


Divorce may be cause stress and anxiety, even if it also brings relief from a troubled partnership. Therapy can help people transition and adjust to divorce.


One of the secrets to successful parenting is to use certain communication and discipline strategies consistently and in a prescribed order. This consistent sequence is the key to improvement and kids know that you are serious about better behavior. Your child will listen more effectively and take your commands more seriously. With improved compliance at home, he will perform better at school and get along better with his peers, with adults and with family.


People with low self-esteem may feel inadequate, powerless, isolated, or ashamed, and negative thought patterns reinforce these beliefs, which are largely untrue. Self-esteem is the degree to which we feel confident, consider ourselves valuable, and respect ourselves, and this greatly affects our well-being. Self-esteem exists on a continuum, from high to low, and low self-esteem is associated with self-doubt, self-criticism, social isolation, suppressed anger, and shame. Low self-esteem is also a symptom of several mental health conditions, including anxiety and depression.


Signs that substance abuse has led to dependence include being unable to resist the impulse to use the substance and associated social or psychological impairment. Addiction, or dependence on a particular substance or activity, is one of the most complex areas of mental health. Addiction can often be difficult to treat, and there is a good deal of controversy surrounding the causes of addiction and the best approaches to treatment. Individuals who find themselves experiencing an addiction to drugs or alcohol often find the services of a mental health professional to be helpful in overcoming the addiction.


Group alcohol addiction counseling allows people suffering from similar ailments to come together and gain strength through shared experiences and support.


Bipolar counseling. Need to talk? Trust that feeling. Bipolar counseling is an essential part of treatment. Bipolar Disorder is a brain disorder that causes unusual shifts in mood, energy, activity levels, and the ability to carry out day-to-day tasks.


Our mission is to serve children, adolescents and families with the best possible clinical care based on psychological science.


Depression, characterized by sadness or despair, is linked to many mental health conditions and may manifest as a mild, chronic form or a severe, acute episode. Learn about the many effective ways of dealing with depression including therapy, medication, and lifestyle changes.


Caring professional willing to listen and help whether you're having relationship issues with parents/children/or other loved ones. Chronic relationship conflict or stress can contribute to mental health conditions, like depression or anxiety, for one or both partners.

Meet The


Laura Bowen has been working in the field of mental health and addiction since 1998. She began her work in counseling after receiving her Bachelor's Degree in Human Resource Management from the University of Texas, Dallas. "I became passionate about the work I was doing when I saw how much people's lives improved when they found their path." She sought further education and obtained a Master’s degree in Counseling from Amberton University. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Master Addiction Counselor. Her experience in Mental Health began with her work with adolescents and families. She went on to work all populations and developed a passion for working in recovery after experiencing her own tragic loss. This drove her develop her skills and training in trauma work and addiction treatment.

Laura has additional training and experience in Psychodrama, Expressive Art Therapy, EMDR, as well as CBT and DBT. Laura was born and raised in California but traveled and lived in several countries as her family served in the Foreign Services. She believes that this background enables her to relate to a variety of cultures. Laura has worked in many different settings; inpatient, outpatient, residential treatment and private practice. She has held positions as a Clinician, Manager and Business Developer, in both California and Texas. She enjoys combining her human resource management background with her clinical skill set; this combined with her diverse cultural background opened doors for her to work with executives, athletes, musicians, and performers. Laura uses a client centered multi modal approach in her work with clients.

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Chrysalismission statement

  • Our Mission

    Since our inception Chrysalis has been on the front lines championing healthy relationships, strong marriages, healthy families and strong communities. Chrysalis has helped promote individual growth and development, preserves and enriches marriages and strengthens and unites families. We believe that strong communities are built by healthy families and that healthy families have their strongest link in the marriage relationship. We focuses on restoring broken relationships, and building on the strengths of existing relationships.

About Chrysalis Care Inc.

Whether looking for help dealing with personal blocks, addiction issues, challenges in your marriage or personal problems expect positive changes with the help of Chrysalis Care Inc..

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