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CHL ON DEMAND is owned and operated by Mark (Mr. G) Giordonello.

Licensing Process

Learn about our 6 step process to get your License To Carry (formerly known as CHL).

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Classes held seven days a week for your convenience.


30 years with Texas Department of Criminal Justice, trained in weapons and defensive tactics.

CHL On Demand offers License To Carry Classes (formerly known as CHL - Concealed Handgun License) by Texas certified instructor Mark (Mr. G) Giordonello. We conduct each course in a manner that is easy to understand, interesting and engaging. We teach what you must know to fulfill the State requirements, and we teach you those things you should know to be a responsible gun owner. A primary source of students for our classes are individuals referred to us by satisfied students that enjoyed their experience with us. Students leave our class with a comfortable understanding of the laws addressing the use of force and concealed handgun carry.

Classes are our core.


We believe that the right to keep and bear firearms comes with a serious responsibility to be educated and safe. With a highly experienced instructor, unmatched training technologies, and a learning environment where all skill levels are welcome, our training classes lay the foundation for the CHL On Demand experience—it’s knowledge and training you can carry with you to the range and the real world.

Skill & Safety

Wide range of classes covering topics from basic gun safety to the most advanced self defense classes.

Classes For Your Convenience

Many classes offered 7 days a week for your convenience including LTC (formally known as CHL), NRA, Self Defense and Defensive Tactics classes.

Advanced Technology

You will have access to the most advanced hand gun training technologies available.

Expert Instructor

Highly-skilled training instructor with real-world experience

Tactical Training

The safety and security of your family, congregation, or business are critically important. CHL On Demand tactical training classes are tailor make to fit your needs and will provide you with that much needed peace of mind.

Students come from all walks of life. Regardless of your age, gender or occupation if you have a desire to improve your knowledge and skill in the use of firearms then our tactical training course is perfect for you! Once you have the mindset, tactics and skills for how to respond and react in any violent confrontation, you will not only prevail over your assailant, but will have the necissary tools to survive any attack. Call Today To Book Your Tactical Training Class!

CHL On Demand Graduate

CHL On Demand Graduate

CHL On Demand Graduate

CHL On Demand Graduate

CHL On Demand Graduate

CHL On Demand Graduate

Excellent instructor, very informative and engaging. Would highly recommend Mark and CHL On Demand to anyone looking for a quality class at a great price!

Richard Urso CHL On Demand Client
Great instructor, giving a great informative class. Considering the amount of material, we were able to go through it at a nice pace. Mark was able to give real life instances about areas he was discussing. There wasn't a dull moment, thanks to Mark's sense of humor. I actually enjoyed the range and the entire class. Thank You Mark!
Anisha Waxali CHL On Demand Client

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Texas Department of Criminal Justice

30 Years Industry Experience

Texas Concealed Handgun License Instructor

Certified CHL Instructor

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